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European countries and North America was characterized by greater abundance, elaboration and intricacy in clothing designs, loved by the Rococo artistic trends of the period. The French and English styles of fashion were very different from one another. French style was defined by elaborate court dress, colourful and rich in decoration.”

gown (robe à la française): robe and petticoat

Fig. 1 - Designer unknown (France or Holland). gown (robe à la française): robe and petticoat, 1765-1770. textile: blue and white brocade weave silk (paduasoy?); bleached plain weave linen lining; silk knotted fringe; dimensions unknown. Five Colleges and Historic Deerfield Museum Consortium, HD F.355. Mr. Henry N. Flynt. Source: Five Colleges and Historic Deerfield Museum Consortium

Woman's Dress (Robe à la française) with Attached Stomacher

Fig. 2 - Designer unknown (French). Woman's Dress (Robe à la française) with Attached Stomacher, c. 1760-1770. Silk taffeta with woven ribs and supplementary weft flosses, silk looped fringe; Center Back Length: 147.3 cm, Waist: 73.7 cm (Center Back Length: 58 inches, Waist: 29 inches). Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1981-9-1. Purchased with the Marie Kimball Fund and with the Edgar Viguers Seeler Fund, 1981. Source: Philadelphia Museum of Art

Dress (robe à la française)

Fig. 3 - Designer unknown (French). Dress (robe à la française), ca. 1765. Silk Satin Brocade, Silk Fly Fringe, Linen; dimensions unknown. San Francisco: de Young Museum, 55018. Gift of Mrs. Chauncey Olcott. Source: Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (de Young Museum)


Louis XV of France (1710-1774)

Fig. 1 - Louis Michel van Loo (værksted) 1707 - 1771, Carle van Loo (tidl. tilskrevet) 1705 - 1765 (French). Louis XV of France (1710-1774), 1765. Oil on canvas; 281.5 x 170 cm. Copenhagen: National Gallery of Denmark, KMS1148. Modtaget, Frederiksborg - 1882. Source: National Gallery of Denmark

Leopold Mozart

Fig. 2 - Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni (Italian, 1721–1782). Leopold Mozart, c. 1765. oil on canvas; dimensions unknown. Salzburg: Mozart Museum, not available. Source: Wikipedia


Dancing children

Fig. 1 - Lorens Pasch the Younger (Swedish, 1733-1805). Dancing children, 1760. Oil on canvas; dimensions unknown. Stockholm, Sweden: National Museum of Fine Arts, NM 2253. Source: Wikimedia Commons


Historical Context

Wikipedia: 1775-95

Map of Europe in 1760. Source: mapsys.info


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Timeline Entries

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Primary/Period Sources

NYC-Area Special Collections of Fashion Periodicals/Plates



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[To come…  Have a primary source to suggest?  Contact us!]

Secondary Sources

Also see the 18th century overview page for more research sources… or browse our Zotero library.



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